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The Mobile Armory, allowing you to take one bag and all the gear. The ultimate bag for Hunting and Shooting. Holds up to three rifles, two pistols, ammo and gear. No more wasting time gathering gear and loading guns into multiple bags. 

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We made these bags because we wanted to spend more time hunting and less time preparing to hunt. Whether it’s hunting or shooting this bag is versatile enough to do both. It will hold up to three rifles, two pistols, ammo and gear. The zipper in the center slot extends the whole length of the bag and includes removable velcro dividers. Allowing you to load it with gear, ammo or a rifle.

In the two outside zippers there is a velcro tab near the front that opens and closes so you can fit a pistol or you can open up the velcro tab for a long rifle. Or fit a short rifle and a pistol. On the sides are clip pockets and pockets for other accessories.

The bottom is made of durable Vinyl to keep water and dirt out. All the gun slots are heavily padded to protect your guns.

Dimensions: 50.5″ x 15″ x 12″ ( Max rifle length is 50 inches)

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Weight 6.6 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 14 × 10 in

Black, Blue, Camo

4 reviews for ARMORY GUN BAG

  1. Caden Gunnell

    Have had this bag out at the range and in the hills a few times now. It’s so nice having enough space to keep everything in one spot! Plenty of space! High quality, durable material, not worried about roughing it up at all.

  2. Justin Petersen

    There’s nothing better than being organized, especially in a high pressure situation. I always know where everything is and love being able to have different guns always with me in one bag! It’s also awesome to see the look on other guys faces when I bust this thing out…

  3. Josh G

    If you’re looking for a gun bag with all the goods, this is your bag!!! Highly recommend! I have the camo bag and it’s the best purchase I have made in a long time.

  4. Ryan Eldridge

    So glad I got this Gun Bag. It’s always hard to find time to go out shooting for a few hours and once you do, you have to take 5 gun cases with you. Plus a backpack of ammo etc. You always end up forgetting something. With the Adrenalin bag, everything is so organized and easy to fit. All I do is load up my guns, ammo, ear protection, etc and go! One bag for all my gear. Couldn’t ask for a better purchase.

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